Social and Economic development

Social and economic development means taking care of employees and making a meaningful contribution to meeting acceptable standards of their everyday lives. Prolific Mining also strives to provide responsible support to regional and local authorities, and to keep social infrastructure at a satisfactory level-fully in line with the natural and climatic features of the region. The Company pursues this agenda in partnership with the regional and local authorities.

Environmental Stewardship

We are committed to operating in a responsible manner that minimizes our impact on the environment. An integral component of our operations is managing our stewardship of the land. This philosophy is an essential part of every activity that we carry out. We actively look for ways to minimize our environmental footprint and to operate in a manner that encourages environmental stewardship.

Efforts to achieve our goals of being responsible stewards of the environment include:

Routine water testing is carried out in partnership with the Division of Water Quality. The results of this testing report favorable conditions in the water both in the creek and downstream from the project site.

Prolific Mining is committed to responsible reclamation. We believe returning the land to improved conditions, upon completion of any operations, is essential to the preservation of the environment and is a serious part of our responsibility as stewards of the land. We will continue to work closely with state and federal agencies to ensure the heritage of this mining district is preserved while rehabilitation of the land is carried out. We are committed to following all state and federal laws and working closely with our state and federal partners to ensure all stakeholders’ needs and concerns are taken into account.